ACT Walking for Pleasure (WFP) is a Canberra-based volunteer‐run association which organises guided walks for members.

There are morning walk programs for Tuesdays (about 1½ hours), Wednesdays (about 2 hours), Thursdays (Strolls, about 1 hour), Fridays (about 2 hours), Saturdays (2‐4 hours), and Sundays (about 2 hours). Longer, more demanding walks are offered occasionally.

No bookings are required. You may join suitable morning walks at the starting time and place advised in our quarterly newsletter The Capital Wanderer.

There is no obligation to attend walks, nor any charge for walking apart from an annual membership fee.
New walkers may try walks before joining. Email for a two-week sample.
The emphasis is on relaxation and enjoyment. Please leave your pets at home.

An information sheet (PDF File, 202 KB) for new walkers and members may be downloaded by clicking HERE.

Become a Member

If you'd like to join us please click the buttons below.

NOTE: Joining is a two-part process: you create a Member Account providing contact details, then, separately, pay the membership fee by EFT or over-the-counter at any Beyond Bank branch (you may be charged a fee at any other bank) - we do not accept payment by cash, credit/debit card, or cheque. Our bank details will be emailed to you when your Member Account is submitted.

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